Northeast United Premier Soccer Club (NEU) offers a Premier level soccer program designed to bring a high level of technical training and competitive soccer to northeast Connecticut's serious soccer players.



Each coach loves to identify key players with personalities and qualities that cause them to become team leaders.  The following personality traits are the most recognizable:

1.  Drive:  Pure will power, eager to achieve goals, a burning desire to achieve success, strong self-motivation, commitment, dedication, determination.

2.  Aggressiveness:  “Go-getter”, strong self-assertions, takes risks, wants to dominate opponents, works hard and ruthless in attack and defense, Danger - bad losers, inclined to retaliation and revenge fouls, loses self-control, general lack of discipline.

3.  Determination:  Seeks the direct way towards goal, no compromising, doesn’t hesitate when making decisions, willingness, fully concentrated, success oriented.

4.  Responsibility:  Intelligent, can read the game tactically (anticipation), conscientious, reliable, wants security, cooperative, ready for compromise, stable and skillful player. 

5.  Leadership:  Intelligence, dedication, pride, bears responsibility for the team, influences the environment, anticipation, intuition, independent and spontaneous, convincing and dominating player, hard worker, no surrender, composed, self-controlled, endurable, communicative, respected, trustful.

6.  Self-Confidence:  Secure ball control and determined application of skills and tactics under pressure (both external and self-imposed).  Danger - these players tend to underrate opposing players, show a lack of willingness to be coached, and can become easily complacent.

7.  Mental Toughness:  Persistency, consistency, and commitment throughout the game, no surrender, tough self-assertion.

8.  CoachabilityReady to learn and to achieve goals, self-motivated, attentive and receptive, willingness, interested, spontaneous, committing themselves, likes to discuss problems, hard worker, self-disciplined, creative, constructive, progressive.