Northeast United Premier Soccer Club (NEU) offers a Premier level soccer program designed to bring a high level of technical training and competitive soccer to northeast Connecticut's serious soccer players.


Physical Aspects

The ability of a player to commit themselves diligently throughout the game in attack and defense with no sign of fatigue and impaired ball control.  That player must constantly be running into open spaces demanding the ball or pulling and committing opposing players to create openings.  Even though this is also a tactical commitment, it will only be successful if you have the endurance capabilities to run for 60 to 90 minutes.  The coach will be examining your physical exertion as you are being exposed to tactical problems you are trying to solve in the game.

The ability to accelerate quickly and maintain that acceleration of the various lengths that player’s position demands.  As an example, the forwards need acceleration with changes of speed over three to twenty yards. Elements include:
 1.  Pure straight-ahead running speed.
 2.  Lateral speed (changing direction).
 3.  Change of speed (slow to fast, fast to half speed). 
 4.  Deceleration (“stopping on a dime”).

After these basics are attained, speed must be practiced with the ball!

The ability to change directions quickly.  Twisting, turning while dribbling, readjusting your body to control an awkwardly bouncing ball, and getting up quickly after a tackle are a few examples.  This area is enhanced by flexibility exercises such as stretching, ball gymnastics, and skill training with the ball.  Conditioning training must be combined with skill and tactical training! 

The ability to effectively use your body to win physical confrontations. Strength is exhibited during tackling (1 vs. 1), winning the aerial duel (heading), and changing directions effectively (explosion).  It is also important to learn how to effectively use that strength to your advantage as is demonstrated in using your arms to hold a player off while running at top speed with the ball or in shooting for power.  Much of your strength and power training can be combined with technique training!