Northeast United Premier Soccer Club (NEU) offers a Premier level soccer program designed to bring a high level of technical training and competitive soccer to northeast Connecticut's serious soccer players.


Areas of Focus for Technical Ability Player Evaluation 

Ball Control:  
You must be able to bring a ball played to you under control instantly and smoothly.  This is the ability to collect and move in a different direction without stopping the ball completely, yet still maintaining it securily.Develop the technique of receiving a pass at top speed.  This means not slowing down to collect a ball coming on the ground, bouncing, or in the air. You must be able to protect the ball by shielding it and developing deception in order to get rid of your opponent.

You must be able to successfully complete short and long range passes.  This incorporates all of your ball skills, including heading, bending, chipping, and the ability to drive the ball to a partner.  You will find that at a high level, it is easier to control and make quick decisions with a ball that is driven to you, rather than weakly played.  Develop the skill of one-touch passing.

This is the ability to feint, burst past opponents, change directions and speed at will, and break through packed defensive lines.  Can you exhibit quick feet, combined with a sense of comfort under pressure, to penetrate into space to open opportunities for yourself or a partner?

The ability to head at goal after crosses, heading high, wide, and deep for defensive clearances, heading balls as a one-touch pass (both into space or to a partner’s feet) in order to create shooting chances.  Can you effectively demonstrate the ability to do this under the duress of the game?

Nothing makes more of an impression on people than the skill of goal scoring.  This aspect takes in the correct technique of striking the ball in various ways; driving low balls, hitting volleys, half-volleys, half-chances, chipping, bending, heading, etc..  Good goal scorers can also finish with their chest, heel, toe, and thigh.  Coaches are looking for that player who can exhibit composed aggressiveness, swift and secure decision taking at the opportune times.  The successful goal scorer has the mentality of a great used-car salesman, very aggressive and not afraid of failure.