Northeast United Premier Soccer Club (NEU) offers a Premier level soccer program designed to bring a high level of technical training and competitive soccer to northeast Connecticut's serious soccer players.


NEU Team Selection Criteria

Questions often arise regarding player placement with regard to premier teams.  While every player must be evaluated on an individual basis, the following is the standard by which NEU will operate. 

As a rule, we will strive to make the best decision for the player, considering their psychosocial, psychomotor and cognitive developmental stage.

Each player will be placed onto an age appropriate team based upon US Soccer/CJSA rules.  For returning players, past performance, attitude and commitment are part of the evaluation process.

Note: Variations from age appropriate team will require approval of the Board of Directors.


Other considerations:

  • Once a player is registered and rostered with a club/team, he/she is committed for the full season (Sept 1 - Aug 31)
  • No coach shall knowingly recruit a rostered player from another NEU team.
  • CJSA policy states that anyone/club that recruits players from another Premier Club during the seasonal year will be subject to disciplinary action.



CJSA limits U11 and younger as well as U14 and older to 22 players.  U12 & 13 teams are limited to 18 players

  • Maximum allowed players to field for a small sided League game (8V8) is 14 players
  • Maximum allowed players to field for a full-sided (11 v 11) League game is 18.


How does NEU deal with roster issues?

If a team approaches the maximum roster size, not all players may be rostered for every game.   Game Day roster decisions will be made on a game-by-game basis, based on a number of factors:

1. Level of play

2. Player commitment

3. Availability

4. A coach's tactical considerations


Additionally, any club-registered, age appropriate (or younger) player become a guest-player for another NEU team.  This provides an opportunity for player development and exposure or may be used a way to fill a given NEU team's need. 

However, agreement will need to be reached between both coaches prior to any contact with player.  Player has the right to refuse or accept such an arrangement. 

A club may limit “guest” appearances of a single player to reduce risk of injury to the player because of increased training activity.